Hanna Smuts Wiles

Hanna Smuts Wiles

Hanna is an artist working from her home studio in Bellville near Cape Town in the Western Cape, South Africa.

She paints, inspired by the Message of the Word of God, through heartfelt images, nature and photography. She works in oils and wood.

“There is always a message from God that begs to come out on to canvas or wood, that needs to be heard. Through the Holy Spirit, my artwork will tell it’s story, leaving it up to the viewer to understand the story and hear the message.”

By the grace of the Lord, she has had the privilege to partake in a number of group exhibitions.

Here are some of Hanna’s latest works: (Some of which are being exhibited now at the Riebeek Kasteel Art Exhibition)

One Responseto “Hanna Smuts Wiles”

  1. Frank Hankins says:

    Hello Hannah, I would like your permission to include your painting of Elijah in the cave in a PowerPoint presentation that I will give in my course at Fuller Theological Seminary.

    Grace to you,
    Dr. Frank D. Hankins


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